Designers Reflect for Ramadan

As Holy Month approaches, we met with a few of the region’s most treasured
designers to find out what they’ll be reflecting on this Ramadan.

Words by Connie Chamberlayne

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Ramadan is a month of mercy, forgiveness and reflection - not to mention, quality time to spend with family and friends. This year, we caught up with some of our best loved regional designers on Ounass and posed the question; ‘What will you be reflecting on this Ramadan?’

Amal Al Raisi

The holy month of Ramadan is all about sharing and giving. We generally spend a lot of good quality time with family. My SS18 collection is inspired by the Sultan Qaboos Rose which was created to honour his majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said. The Capsule collection will be launched during Ramadan. The Sultan Qaboos Rose symbolises humanity, friendship and peace.

Shatha Essa

The peace surrounding Ramadan is like food for the soul giving me time to look within. Family is also always very important for me. During Ramadan we gather every day for Iftar without exception. I feel very blessed to have their support and company. Not least, Ramadan is about giving back to the people less fortunate than oneself. Being part of Ounass’ amazing collaboration with Dubai Cares makes me very proud to be able to support others and show that someone cares.

Designer’s Empire

Reflecting on the beauty of nature is a big focus for us this Holy Month which can be seen throughout our Ramadan collection. We combined the 3D effect of insects, and flowers with sketches and mosaic effects as well as different mediums and bead work. Art is our signature, and we apply it in every piece that is created with a reason, meaning, and total passion.

Designers Reflect for Ramadan 3
Lamia Khan
Designers Reflect for Ramadan 3
Bodour Khoory

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The Ramadan season is about respect for culture and religion. We all want to look our best while remaining modest when meeting with family and friends to break the fast in the evening. So, Ramadan is the perfect time to support local Middle Eastern brands, where style and modesty are the common aesthetics. This season, we have made a refreshing collection that is feminine and youthful while maintaining classic elegance.

Amira Haroon

I couldn’t be more grateful for this one month where we focus on and celebrate sharing. I love seeing the public food tents and people distributing food at public venues - I especially love the ‘Fill the Fridge’ drive for the labourers who can’t eat in public but are not fasting and working so hard in the summer months. Ramadan gives us so many occasions to spend time with friends and family at Iftar and Suhoor- another reason to be reminded of how lucky we are and be grateful.